"Shaping Social Entrepreneurs Into Powerful Changemakers"
KIIT- TBI is an incubator partner to the INVENT program with support from DFID, UK Government in association with Technology Development Board (TDB), Government of India. The INVENT program is spearheaded by Villgro Innovations Foundation as the lead incubator and aims to support social enterprises by providing funding and capacity building to four government affiliated incubators (IIT Kanpur, IIMCIP, Start up Oasis and KIIT TBI) in the eight low-income states (LIS).  

Incubation support for the ideas/proposals at test/pilot stage.
Funding assistance for incubatees upon basic validation
Dedicated domain Mentors for guidance
Monthly inspirational events for networking and showcase of achievement
Access to facilities, resources and other common services
Dedicated capacity building workshops and seminars
Hands-on-support for mid-correction operational flaws
Connect to downstream investors for scaling up the operations
Expert guidance and holistic hand-holding by committee comprising of different stake holders of the eco-system.

Who can apply ?

  • Startups with Significant Positive Impact on Bottom of Pyramid (BoP)

  • Startups having Innovation with technology symmetry

  • Startups from any cross – domain impacting the Society

  • Startups with a strong plan to work in for-profit mode

  • Startups having a idea/inspiration to impact the society either directly or indirectly

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HarvestWild Organics

Founder – Manas Nanda

Incubated on – 17.03.2017

BubbleNut Wash – the brand of environment-friendly cleaning products – laundry detergent and dish wash liquid is made from wild soap nuts which are sourced directly from tribal and rural communities in remote places of India and hence provide a livelihood to those involved in collection..

Zoo Fresh

Founders – Ambika Satpathy and Manjula Satpathy

Incubated on – 19.08.2017

ZooFresh Foods is revolutionizing the meat retail by providing an assured market for rural producers and the company is piloting live fish sourcing and distribution in the state.

C & G Agroventures

Founders – Avilash Mahananda, Suraj Kumar Rout, Pritesh Mishra, Vishal Mohanty

Incubated on – 30.10.2017

C&G is managing the farmers’ sales and production, by establishing Farmer procurement centres to channelize the produce directly to the market after cleansing the pathogens through ionization.

Lorven Biologics

Founder – Dr. M.V Raman, YVV Ashwini Kumar

Incubated on – 31.05.2017

Lorven Biologics has developed an affordable, diabetic friendly rice, under the brand name of “RICE DESIRE”.


Forestica Booty (P) Ltd

Founder – Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Sandhya Kumari

Incubated on – 21.11.2017

DATUN is a product in which the natural bristles in herb twigs are exposed for usage as oral hygiene/care aid without disturbing its natural content.

Adit Biosciences

Founder – Anuja Patnaik and Meenu Ramanatha Pillai
Incubated on – TBD
Product offering
We are a biotech start up aiming to address unmet issues in cattle breed management to increase dairy sector profitability.


Entrepreneur Name – BInayak Acharya, Sarbari Acharya

Incubated on – 29.08.2017

ThinkZone uses offline technology, proprietary teaching activities and class management tools while following the Teaching-at-the-Right-Level approach (an MIT evidence-based pedagogy) to improve learning levels of children. It has a technology-based pedagogy  built for first generation learners and for teachers who come from limited education background.

InTuition Elearning

Founder – Jishnu Gupta

Incubated on – 07.07.2018

Intuition addresses the concern of very poor employability of tier 2 and tier 3 city colleges by providing content that improves domain knowledge, cognitive skills and work skills of the students.. An adaptive assessment engine throws up strong and weak areas  to enable the students to identify their gaps in knowledge and prepare accordingly.


Founder – Swoyan Satyendu

Incubated on – 09.07.2018

It is an educational technology based company which aims at providing personalized digital learning experience to children from class VI to X at a very affordable price. They use analytical Tests Platform to identify the strengths & weaknesses of each child on conceptual basis, a Learning ERP to integrate the progress and work on the development with schools, teachers and parents.


Founder – Dr. Saroj Nayak, Sasmita Nayak, Rosalin Behura

Incubated on –  22.11.2017

KARMA has developed a solar aerator which runs completely on solar energy with assured backup for 24×7.Solar aerator system provides the farmers involved in pisciculture, a unique opportunity to be independent of fossil power.

Medtel Healthcare

Founder – Shashank Singhal, Lalit Ranjan Manik, Ajit Kumar Choudhary

Incubated on – 18.01.2018

Medtel provides tele-consultations & prescriptions to patients through Digital Health Kiosks, Mobile App & Web Portal integrated with Video/Audio Interface.


Founders: Dr. Subhash Narayanan and Dr. Ruhi Agarwala

Incubated on – 23.04.2018

Designing hand-held intra-oral camera for screening of oral pre cancers and Biopsy Guidance.

 And designing hand-held imaging device for cervical cancer detection.


Founder – Sanjib Parida, Vishal Kumar Sharma

Incubated on – 09.10.2017

Full stack aggregator for clinical diagnostics, providing accurate and affordable blood tests using a market place model to utilise excess capacity of centralised testing laboratories.

Mother Diagnostic Systems

Founder – Karthik Somasundaram, Arun Somasundaram

Incubated on –  11.01.2018

Mother Diagnostic is engaged in designing and manufacturing low cost and safe Digital X-Ray which can be used in small remote hospitals in low income states.

Prantae Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Founder: Sumona Kajree Mishra
Incubated on – TBD
Product Offering:

Providing innovative low-cost technologies to address a long-neglected life-threatening problem, the pregnancy disorder – Preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced hypertension)


Founder – Maneet Gohil, Sanchit Govil, Albin Jose

Incubated on – 12.03.2018

It has enabled technology to source precuts from 9054 artisans from 22 Indian states. They bridged the traditional gaps in operations and marketing using innovative technology.


Founder –  Doman Chandra Tudu, Salge Tudu

Incubated on – 10.08.2017

Rusicaa tries to provide socio -economic platform to tribal creativity, art & design through contemporary products and services. It aims to amalgamate the essence of different tribal folk stories and designs on the modern apparel and lifestyle products.


Founder – Rakesh Roshan Parida

Incubated on – 18.06.2018

Thoomri.com deals with authentic and original handmade products by the craftsmen of India. It is acting like a direct bridge between the craftsmen of poor financial background and the end customers by eliminating the middlemen due to which craftsmen get much more value for their precious piece of works. They also provide custom made designs in B2B & B2C models.


Founding Team: – Mr. Sagar Chanana, Mrs. Archana Gautam and  Mrs. Mokshita Chanana

Incubated on – TDB

Rasaa manufactures Unique Handicraft Furniture and Home Décor Products made from waste Imported Pinewood.

Zola India

Founder  – Gina Joseph

Incubated on – 16.05.2018
Zola India as a brand allows rural & folk artisans to express themselves through wearable art and is a voice that narrates their stories to the world, thereby allowing them to realize sustained economic empowerment by conducting regular design Intervention and Innovation workshops across rural India. Since its inception in 2014, Zola India has  worked with Dhokra and Pattachitra from Orissa, Toda embroidery from Tamilnadu, Wall Mural art and Aranmula mirror from Kerala , Leather puppetry and Lac Turnery from Andhra Pradesh and Bidri from Karnataka.
When you wear Zola India, you wear a piece of history. You were a piece of the earth. 


Founder – Niraj Gupta, Prashant Kumar, Shailendra Singh Yadav

Incubated on – 31.10.2017

Weekendworks operates its waste management service through Junkart App which is an on-demand scrap collection service which connects all the stake-holders in scrap recycling supply chain


Founder – Shailaja Rangarajan, Arun Raghavan Lakshminarayan

Incubated on – 30.10.2017

Rimagined is an enterprise focused on creating the Upcycling movement in India. They work with all types of low value waste and create varied upcycled products to minimize the consumption of new resources with the help of women groups in the urban and rural poor and create dignified source of income to the women.

EIC Members

Dr. L. K. Vaswani

Mr. Arun Venkatesan

Mr. B V Narasimham

Mr. Prabir Mishra

Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar


Address: KIIT-TBI, Campus11, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India